happy winter!

Christmas Card Sneak Peak! :) In our efforts to get a picture of Emmy to put on our Christmas cards, this was a cute one that ended up on the cutting room floor! 

she's getting so big!!

emmy liz is changing so much, so fast! each day it seems like she discovers something new, and she's quite the chatter box these days. she must get it from her dad! haha ;) 

one big weekend!

We had a big weekend, as you'll see with the newest batch of uploads. On Friday night, we continued our Halloween tradition of the Colsch Family coming to our neighborhood and trick-or-treating, followed by soup, snacks and drinks. We had some fun additions to our group this year, Grandma Shirley came to town, along with Josh's parents, John and Jeannie. Greg and Sharmin also stopped by to give the kids goodie bags and visit for awhile. It was a great night. 

Saturday, Jenni and I participated in Cedar Valley Chase (a spin off the show, Amazing Race). Our team name was: TWISTER SISTERS...You can't catch us! And of course we had create a team logo!! We had a blast. Just imagine Jenni and I speeding all over town, with a video camera sliding across the dash board as we take turns to tight and fast! HAHA, it was great. We didn't win, but have already adjusted our strategy for next year.

Sunday was JD's birthday party, and we went to Heritage Farm. We went on a hay ride, opened gifts by the bon-fire and grilled out. It was perfect weather and JD was excited about all his gifts.

It was a busy weekend, but we had a blast! :)


The weather was so nice, Emmy could help Dad hand out candy. Some of the costumes really got her thinking!!!

kids costumes!