merry christmas mihalakis family!

We celebrated Christmas by waking up to presents and breakfast. It was hilarious watching Ellie teach Emmy about her toys...we'll call it that rather than stealing them! haha! It was a relaxing day followed by the entire family loading in Lori's suburban to go look at Christmas lights. What a merry Christmas!

duve neighborhood pub!

After visiting the Mihalakis family Christmas Eve, we headed to the Duve Neighborhood Pub! What a fun time. Maybe too much fun...

rolling over!!

Emmy did it! She rolled over this weekend. She gets pretty proud of herself - the 2 pictures were taken after she rolled over in the video. 

merry christmas koppes family!

Family, laughs, sleigh riding, food, games and gift giving. What a special weekend spending time together. Thanks for everything Dad, Mom, Jamie and the entire Colsch Family.

merry christmas koppes family!

places to go...

Emmy's trying so hard to be on the move. She can't crawl yet, but she's about a week away from rolling over, which I've heard it's all over from there! ;) She's a busy girl that's for sure!

nap time for the girls!

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


We were really looking forward to being home for the weekend - with that came some new experiences and discoveries for Emmy. She had her first taste of cereal - that went pretty well. It was probably more interesting and comical for Jake and I. Then she discovered Ruby...


Emmy discovered that Ruby's jowls are nice and squishy and fun to squeeze (haha, good thing Ruby's a good sport. She's in for some rough years ahead!)