Santa came early!

Since we won't be with Emmy on Christmas morning, we did Santa early - and to no surprise, she loved it.

Merry Christmas Koppes'

I love getting together with family!! It's especially fun when everyone is there!!

There's something about the kids playing, indulging in great food and staying up late to play catch phrase!

Cheers to the Holidays!!

Merry Christmas Mihalakis'

Christmas at Clyde and Tina's this year was more like an episode of Supermarket Sweep! Both girls got shopping carts and loved them!! The two would race around the kitchen table, load and unload their groceries - it was hilarious!!

'tis the season...

This time of year seems to get busy and sometimes overwhelming, but in the end, it's always worth it [even if you don't get xmas cards out! wink! wink!].

It's a great feeling seeing all the hard work lead up to giving the gifts, spending time with family and enjoying cocktails and good food!

We hope you enjoy time with your friends and family over the holidays!

Cheers & Hugs,
Mihalakis family

family pics!

playing outside!

As we're preparing for cold weather to come, we got a spoiled with one last warm weekend.

prayers needed for lily!

About 6 months ago we asked our friends and family to keep our niece, Lily, in their thoughts and prayers as she prepared for heart surgery at just a few days old. Lily is now 6 months old and such a happy baby!

As planned, Lily's preparing for another battle in the surgery room. She will go in for her 2nd heart surgery on Thursday in Iowa City. It's an emotional and scary journey for everyone involved, but especially for Lily's parents, Jesi & Russ. I know they find strength in the outpouring of love and support from family, friends and complete strangers.

With Thursday approaching, we ask that you keep Lily, her family and the special Dr.'s in Iowa City in your thoughts and prayers.

Many Thanks & Hugs!

The Mihalakis Family

Lily has moved out of the Peds ICU and down to the General Peds floor. This is one step closer to home for her. Jesi said Lily is doing great, smiling and laughing - all while trying to eat her little toes!!! She's a fighter. Keep it up Lily.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It's really paying off.

splashing good time!

Emmy and Ellie had a blast spending Friday night together. Here are some fun pics from bath time. They thought splashing was just hilarious - watching the short video you just can't help but laugh.

Lily was snuggling with Jake during the girls' bath, but she will get to join the them next year! :)

settling in!

A week has passed and we're settling in to our new home! Emmy's adjusting really well to the new house and daycare, while Ruby loves the yard! She's only broken out of her electric fence twice! HA! [The dog fence guy came today to up the zap!]

These are some pictures of Emmy before her first day at the new school! I tried to get one of her with her backpack, but as you can see, she was feeling a little emotional about it all! :)


It's taken a little while to realize we won't be going home to Mark Dr. again. That house holds a lot of memories for Jake and I! In the time we've lived there we've gotten married, Ruby joined the family, then three years later we brought Emmy home from the hospital. It wasn't just a house, it was our home! We're also sad to leave the Colsch family - it was such a comfort to know we were in the same town as my sister and her family. Luckily we're only a short drive away and thank god for IM. :)

Now, our exciting new adventure starts and takes us back to our roots, Dubuque here we come! Jake and I are excited to create memories in our new house, having a big yard for Emmy and Ruby to play in, and we are really looking forward to being close to our families!

Thanks to everyone for all your help in making this transition go smoothly!
Big Hugs - Mihalakis Family!

long weekend away!

Jake and I took a trip to Colorado a few weeks ago and loved the state. The people there were so friendly, the area is beautiful and there is so much fun stuff to do.

One of the nights we saw a band at Red Rocks, wow! It is so pretty there. We hope to make it back again soon.

does your family have a dog...

When I went to pick Emmy up from daycare I was asked, "Do you and your family have a dog?" I replied yes, wondering if it had something to do with Emmy saying Ruby's name. Oh no, it turns out after lunch her teachers have been finding little piles of food on the floor next to Emmy.

What home has, that daycare doesn't, Ruby!

it's my party, i'll cry if i want too...

So Emmy didn't tear into her presents, or smash the cake in her face like we expected, but it sure was a beautiful day with yummy food and great company! Thanks to everyone for their special and thoughtful gifts!

good friends, great fun!

Over the weekend we were able to spend some time with our dear friends, Matt, Natalie and their adorable new daughter Willa. We went to their new house where another set of friends joined the bbq - Scott, Abby and their daughter Addison (what a sweetie pie)!! I've known these girls for years and years, and look forward to our daughters being able to create friendships - drama and all! :) 

diaper thief...

One night as Jake was getting Emmy's bath ready he left her playing in her bedroom - this is what he returned to...

beach bums!

We had another fun weekend, this time spending it with Jake's family! We went out on the river Saturday enjoying a little sunshine, relaxing and watching the girls play. :)