emmy liz - 6 months

We had a photo shoot at our house over the weekend - special thanks to Jenni, JD and Jetta - here are a sneak peak of the tutu photos, and as you can see, all good things must come to an end! :) For the complete gallery, you can visit: http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLanding.action?c=m8qwl7x.9mg1yk89&x=0&y=-rtjdu5&localeid=en_US

spring fever!

Isn't everyone anxiously awaiting sunshine, warm weather and afternoon walks? We sure are. Last week there was a hint of spring [our temp. was above 50 degrees] so the first thing Emmy, Ruby and I did after getting home from work was go for a walk. It was fabulous! 

bath time!

Emmy was growing out of her baby tub, so we got her a new tub to "lounge" in! It was pretty hilarious putting her in the duck! I think Jake liked the bill quaking feature better than Emmy. I actually heard the tub quaking this morning at 5am when Jake got up to shower! lol

Oh, and that brown thing in the corner of the picture is Ruby helping with bath time! It was quite the family affair! :)

nap time...yea right!

We laid Emmy down for a nap and a few min. later were walking down the hall to see just her head poking above her crib! As soon as she saw us the paci fell and she started giggling and smiling. Needless to say, that nap was over before it began! lol 

squash please!

yum! something other than mushy cereal and formula.