lily update!

We've been anxiously waiting for news on Lily's heart and her scheduled surgery, which we finally heard yesterday. The anatomy of Lily's heart is very very rare (it is called a criss cross heart) the surgery to "fix" it is much more common, so that's good news. It will require a three step surgery, the first procedure to be done on Monday [5/4].

We ask that you keep the Duve/Mihalakis family in your prayers - especially Monday morning. Any extra help Lily can get, the better. Thanks all! 

P.S. Isn't she just a doll! :)

welcome lily mae!

Jakes sister gave birth to Lily Mae on 4.22 - She's absolutely adorable. The most perfect round little head and tiny little lips! Just precious. 

She'll most likely be having heart surgery next week, so each day we continue to pray for her, along with Russ, Jesi and Ellie Jane! 


well not really walking alone, but with a toy ;)

book worm!

These days if you leave Emmy alone for even just a second she's into everything. She thinks it's hilarious to pull each and every book off her bookshelf!

bucket head!

happy easter mihalakis family!

What a great weekend! We spent Saturday with the Koppes side enjoying an easter egg hunt, followed by dinner and fun at Fury's! 

Sunday we went to Mihalakis's and had brunch and visited outside! It was a beautiful weekend!!

happy easter koppes family!

splish, splash!

We just can't resist Emmy's lovable thighs!!


Ellie was feeding Emmy some cheerios when..CRUNCH! Emmy got her finger. Ellie wasn't impressed!

babies...lots and lots of babies!

The Hartmann side has been busy the last several months. We finally got all the babies together at Michelle's (Jake's cousins wife) shower! They are all so adorable. All boys except Emmy and Ellie (and Lily who's due in 2 weeks) - those girls are going to run the show! 

lovin' leggings!

We got Emmy a few pairs of leg warmers this year and they're so darn cute!

shoulder rides!