happy 9 months emmy liz!

8.22.08...It's been a fun ride!

going for walks...

...one of our favorite warm weather activities!

home, sweet home!

Lily's surgery was a success! 

The Dr.'s enlarged the hole between her two atria and combined her pulmonary artery and aorta into one large artery. That sends blood to the lungs and the rest of her body via the BT Shunt that was put in during her first surgery. Since then she's moved from the PICU to the general Peds floor, been drinking from her bottle, gaining weight and was able to get dressed! Like her mom said, "She looks great in pink!" Now, for the best news of all, as long as things continue to go so well, Lily gets to go home this weekend! :)  Watch out Ellie, before you know it, Lily will be stealing your toys.

Thanks again to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers - it gave their family strength during this long journey. 

happy mother's day!

To all you special mom's out there...Cheers to a job well done! :)

love you grandma shirls!

what a fighter!

Thanks to everyone who has been saying prayers for Lily! I know their family really appreciates it - and it's proved to have helped!  

Lily had surgery on Mon. which didn't quite go as planned, and no one was really sure how Lily's body would react. From the time we saw her monday to the time I left Iowa City on Weds, she had gone leaps and bounds! She got several tubes removed and was breathing completely on her own - which is huge! The next step is to get her some bottle feedings before her surgery on Friday. It was pretty amazing seeing Lily fight so hard! You go girl! 

Most mom's take for granted snuggling with their babies, and for Jesi and Lily it's only happened a handful of times, so when I was there to be apart of that special moment, it really touched my heart!!

Here are some pictures of Jesi and Lily, Lily Tues, and Lily Weds. without her breathing tubes. She's just the sweetest little thing! 

Lily is going in for surgery again on Friday, so when you're getting ready in the morning, or driving to work, please say a little prayer for her. Hugs - Katie

oh jackie! haha

I couldn't resist sharing a post from my sister's blog!

Subject: Destroy, Colsch Family!
Description: Jackson got a hold of the aluminum foil the other day and if you've ever tried to re-roll foil, you know it's a losing battle. This use, however, was quick, simple and the kids had a blast...even if it only lasted a few minutes.