happy father's day!

To all you rock star dad's, way to go!!

and she's off...

For the last month Emmy's been taking more and more steps. We've tried endlessly to get it on camera, but for some reason something always happened - Ruby butted in, or Jake was singing in the background, I was too close to the camera speaker saying "YAY! Good job!" Until tonight. We finally got it on video. :)

UPDATE: Emmy is officially walking everywhere...it sometimes resembles a drunk-baby walk, but she's walking. Just in time to turn 10 months. 


Bring on the swimsuits and pools - summer is finally here! :)

babies and weddings...entertaining!

We took Emmy to a co-workers wedding this past weekend, and to say the least it was entertaining! Anyone that knows Emmy knows she's kinda loud, so it just happened to be at the most quiet parts she'd decide to start chatting. We gave special thanks to the family in front of us that shared their gold fish, let Emmy rummage through their stroller and smiled graciously when Emmy petted the woman's pretty dress (since we were sitting behind them, ended up being her butt!) haha!

too cute!

ahh, the discovery of pots 'n pans...

It was funny watching her crawl into the back of the cupboard in an effort to make sure she didn't miss anything!