beach bums!

We had another fun weekend, this time spending it with Jake's family! We went out on the river Saturday enjoying a little sunshine, relaxing and watching the girls play. :)

ruby & emmy!

happy birthday jack!

We spent Saturday enjoying Jack's 2nd birthday celebration. Jenni planned yet another great party, with the perfect theme: Colsch County Fair! It was a day filled with beanbags, the penny stack competition (which I can't resist, I won - 72 pennies high!), family and friends. We finished off the evening with a pretty awesome fireworks show at Hudson days! 

highchair dreams!

I always think its hilarious to see kids fall asleep in their highchairs, but wonder, really, how does that happen. Never, ever,
ever, did we think Emmy would fall asleep in her highchair, and anyone that knows her would agree. So tonight when her head starting bobbing and she fell asleep eating her raisins we did what we always and get the camera!!

happy 4th!

We spent the 4th of July camping in MN. with Jake's parents. This has become a yearly tradition and something we always look forward to. It's a relaxing weekend filled with camp fires, fishing, boating and family. As expected, this year didn't disappoint. We went on the river, enjoyed fireworks and Tina, Emmy and I had a chance to go to the  Winona Farmer's Market. It was a great weekend! 

a day at the beach!