first haircut

What a big girl - Emmy had her first haircut!! When we got to the salon Abby's daughter Addison was there, so that made Emmy really excited! She sat very quietly taking it all in and ever since she wants to cut everyone's hair - hide the scissors!!

love you ruby!

go hawks!

We spent a Saturday with friends watching the Iowa game at Buffalo Wild Wings, then took a cab down to Main St. where we had a great time indulging in some fun! I started to pull photos from the day to post on the blog, when I came across some funny pictures from the cab ride...Instead of the "posed" cute ones, I thought I'd post some that made me laugh! Gotta love cramming 6 friends in cab!!!

happy halloween!

We had a lot of fun this Halloween!! We carved pumpkins, walked in the Dubuque parade with Emmy's daycare and had some friends and family over for trick-or-treating with chili and snacks afterwards! I'm sad to see Halloween and Fall go - it's my favorite time of year!

pumpkin patch

We spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch with the Klein's and Berning's. The girls had a blast riding the tractor, playing in the bounce house and running free! We had a beautiful day and with all the sunshine it was the perfect afternoon for pictures!! By the time we left the pumpkin patch I had snapped 191 photos. I only blogged a few of the pictures from today, but you can see the other 30-some favorites here:

cool shades!

potty time with francine

A couple months ago Emmy was really interested in going potty. We had even bought some big girl underwear to try a weekend of no diapers. Well, she wasn't ready and she's actually kinda lost interest, which is ok, we'll try again in a few months. Now, just because Emmy doesn't want to use the potty anymore doesn't mean that Francine doesn't want to try, or that she doesn't want to get her diaper changed, too! 

go hawks!

We kicked off football season by having some friends over to "tailgate"! Hawkeyes won, so what a better way to spend the afternoon (and evening!) celebrating! :)



birthday girl!

We celebrated Emmy's 2nd birthday with family and friends last weekend and had a really nice afternoon! We spent time at the lake swimming and playing with cousins and friends while eating lots of cheetos and pizza! As we were driving home Emmy turns to me and says, "fun day mommy!" That was about the perfect ending to a great day! :]

Cheers to many more fun years ahead!



emmy & francine

Meet Emmy's newest friend, Francine the Frog...or sometime for short, Froggie!

Francine goes potty, she comes outside to play, she also joins us for breakfast and dinner! Emmy doesn't quite get that her new friend can't go in the bath tub, or sleep in bed [ouch], but it's hilarious watching what happens when Francine's around!

we're back!

Wow...where has summer gone! It's been months since we posted any updates, and after reading our friends and families blogs it's motivated me again. 

We've had a really great summer spending weekends at the lake, 2 camping trips with Jake's family, grilling with mine, weddings, seeing Jack Johnson, plus Emmy will be 2 this weekend! Jake and I's anniversary is a few weeks away...5 years already, and tailgating starts in two weeks! Surprise, surprise, Jake's taught Emmy to yell "GO HAWKS!"

I've finally downloaded photos for the first time since 4th of July, so I've picked some of my favorites to share! Enjoy!

P.S. Those of you that have kept Jamie in your prayers - it's really paid off. She was able to go home from the hospital today and looks, and feels, fantastic! It's amazing how well she's doing. A big thanks all!

summer fun!

It's been awhile since we've posted any new pictures or shared some of the special events that have been going on with our friends and family. To sum it all up, we walked for a great cause - Congenital Heart Defect and Lily's team raised $1425!! We celebrated Natalie's engagement and wedding with her wedding shower, met Dora, I started my new job, Jake discovered golf and we've remembered why we love summer....Water! Water! Water! We've been swimming at the beach or playing with the hose and water table every chance we get. Emmy's a little fish. Since being so busy we haven't had the camera out much (this on top of each time Emmy sees the camera we have to sit and go through the pictures 100x while naming everyone in the photos, finishing this activity with bribery in order to avoid a meltdown!) Here are some pictures we've captured over the last couple months. Enjoy!

happy easter!

We were lucky this year to spend the weekend with both of our families! Sunday we hosted Easter at our house with both the Koppes family and the Mihalakis family!!! We enjoyed yummy food, great company and by now, all the kids had the idea of the egg hunt down! It was really fun watching the kids be silly together (especially when they discovered the laundry chute)!!! Grandma Tina bought the girls matching dresses which made for the perfect photo-op, too!