Emmy's always been a chatterbox, but lately it seems like she's really trying to tell us stories. Her tiny little voice is hilarious, so when she started reading books back to us in her own little jibberish, we found it pretty entertaining. We uploaded a short video! Enjoy!

chatterbox continued...

Along with reading, Emmy loves chatting on the "phone"! Sometimes the phone is a channel changer or maybe a toy calculator - whatever fits on her shoulder. There are times she even starts laughing like the person on the other end said something really funny! I'd love to know what she's telling her friend on the other end!

happy birthday jetta!

A pool party in January, what gets better!! Jetta's party was lots of fun filled with swimming and even an explosive volcano cake (good work Jen!)

Happy New Year!

Oh-lay, Oh-lay...

What a way to spend Christmas and New Year's!