say cheese!


It's been a year since I've attempted a photoshoot with Emmy and I have to say, going into this morning I had some anxiety over how Emmy would act. Would she have the patience to get that "perfect" picture? Will she run and want to play downstairs (where there is NO natural light)? On top of all the unknowns of a toddlers mood, I didn't have Jenni here to help me pull it off. The last time I did a photoshoot was when Emmy was 6 months old and Jenni was by my side snapping all the pictures while I made Emmy laugh. Well, a 6-month old sitting in a tutu (with really no other option of getting around) is much different than an active little 18-month old. Luckily, Grandma Tina let us use her camera, Jesi provided some style and Grandma Shirlz came over to assist in the smile-factor. Thanks to some good sunlight, and an especially good subject (way to go Em!), we pulled off our 2nd photoshoot. For the full version, you can copy/paste this link into a browser:

cute glasses!

It's not very often I wear my glasses, so it was funny to see Emmy's reaction to them. It quickly went from "hmm, something's different
", to "please, mine. mine. please, mine."!