first haircut

What a big girl - Emmy had her first haircut!! When we got to the salon Abby's daughter Addison was there, so that made Emmy really excited! She sat very quietly taking it all in and ever since she wants to cut everyone's hair - hide the scissors!!

love you ruby!

go hawks!

We spent a Saturday with friends watching the Iowa game at Buffalo Wild Wings, then took a cab down to Main St. where we had a great time indulging in some fun! I started to pull photos from the day to post on the blog, when I came across some funny pictures from the cab ride...Instead of the "posed" cute ones, I thought I'd post some that made me laugh! Gotta love cramming 6 friends in cab!!!

happy halloween!

We had a lot of fun this Halloween!! We carved pumpkins, walked in the Dubuque parade with Emmy's daycare and had some friends and family over for trick-or-treating with chili and snacks afterwards! I'm sad to see Halloween and Fall go - it's my favorite time of year!